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we are always there to answer your queries, address your grievances if any in a timely manner and have made exchange, cancellations and returns simplified and fast tracked to ensure that your experience with us is a happy one.

Know Us

Through our interpretation of Modest Fashion we not alone create a melting pot of various cultural heritage by being mindful that the world is out stage. On this stage we strive to create your unique identities as how you wish to be perceived, in each handmade creation soaked in love, patience and perfection. We thrive to provide quality, couture, colours and a variety of fabrics to choose from with a commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience for different sizes and fits.


We wish to inspire young talents to learn an additional skill, art or craft as a passion or profession. Most of us have learnt post pandemic that an additional skill won’t hurt during harsh times for added income. Let’s call it constructive creativity marking the digital era.


When you buy a garment from us we wish to display it to you through the models next door to promote a healthy lifestyle and a real image you can relate to instead of the stereotypical version because flaws are natural and beautiful. See a reflection of yourself when you choose from us.

We are responsible for the environment and follow the three principles:-

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In turn escalating:-

Economics, Ecology, Equality

Awaken your creativity and engage actively repairing, updating and refurbishing your wardrobe instead of applying the passive mode of ready to wear. This approach is specially enticing for the true fashion lovers implementing sustainable clothing sensibility.

Last but not the least…

Promote the artisans:-

It’s time to take the responsibility to revalue and encourage the artisans of ethnic groups in order to preserve the cultural heritage and provide employment to improve their living conditions.

This is possible by generating more work, providing them with a healthy work environment while safeguarding their self esteem. It’s possible only by raising awareness amongst people who cherish the worth of traditional art forms. Let’s serve as an instrument in preserving the rare art forms and it’s prodigy.

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