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Modest activewear- a lifestyle change or not?

La Kasha’s new range of active wear introduces sports wear combined with day wear as a solution to workout, jog or walk anytime suitable to a generally busy schedule without the stress of changing.

Active wear reinvented for professionals, homemakers and specially for the Momy’s to be. Suitable for all body types and weather. Activity is an important addition to our otherwise busy lifestyles as most of us have understood our fitness goals for a healthy living.

Modest Activewear / Athleisure

Fitness is the prime focus of all who’ve understood its importance during Pandemic times and feel lucky to have sustained due to a good fitness history or driven to fitness recently adapted as a new way of a compulsory healthy living choices. Either ways the fitness industry as a whole is thriving. With most of us inclined for fitness, suitable clothing is required. Even the big sportswear giants have introduced Modest Active-wear in their special segments. Be it gym wear, Yoga wear or swimwear. Modest Islamic Sportswear or active wear industry will witness a big boom in the near future. Hoodies which have been a staple design to most active wear and fit all religious clothing will maintain its favourite tag. Introducing active wear hijab, Shyla and Alamira pattern of hijab converted to stretch sportswear fabric not alone is comfortable, also functional and fashionable. They fit the needs of maintaining a healthy life style, being recognised as a good selling segment in the active wear industry also fashion forward in stylisation using the best sports fabric while withholding it’s humble Modest Clothing affirmations.

Commonly one relates activewear to workout clothing, gym wear or yoga wear etc. Lately activewear is not typically a category of clothing but an every day clothing need. Hence the importance of the term modest activewear. It’s nearly impossible to wear the tight fitting workout clothes and feel comfortable day long. Since during and aftermath of the pandemic the culture of working from home is common. Some tough lessons, revelation led to most of us adapting healthier lifestyles and opting for lifestyle changes. On a regular working day wearing workwear and returning home to change was hardly a motivation and often we would postpone jogs and workouts to tomorrows. Since not having a dress code those of us and many leading a busy schedule wether work or home have been inclined into starting our mornings dressed in a comfortable modest activewear. This motivates us to spend the day in activity, feel presentable enough to step out if needed and above all giving us no reason to not build our immunity by practicing our preferred form of work out. Modest activewear is not just a quick fix, get set go solution for a particular person, belief or culture instead a fashion trend adapted by many to look trendy, feel active and comfortable, without the hassle of changing for any reason. Ideally activewear or athleisure is an evolved version of what we earlier referred to as sports wear. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Modest activewear is the trendiest way to kickstart your morning, requires little care, wash friendly and sustainable in terms of fabric strength. Choose from the best fabrics and styles and you will hardly see yourself part from your favourite activewear style unless you choose to. The styles are simple, functional for each one of you willing lo live a life full of activity and vigour. Get set go to discover you best suited modest activewear trends and look the best version of you.

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