La Kasha

Ramadan is extremely special this year…

For time unmemorable the spirit of “Ramadan” has always come from an area of unconditional submission in love, service, compassion and gratitude.  But i simply want to believe that 2020 taught us some unforgettable lessons reminding us of who we are actually meant to be vs. who we became. We became slaves to our work, our earning, our lifestyles, our desires, our connections, as opposed to our passions, survival, contentment and real relationships. The rich wished to go to exotic places to spend family times with the family they always had waiting for them at home craving for their time. The mediocre planned outings in advance and saved for family get togethers and get aways while the poor thought themselves downtrodden being God’s lesser children, incapable for any such luxuries. In the end 2020 stirred a situation of unrest in all classes but one thing that kept us going was the truth of being in the safe haven of home and the people who mattered most…our families. Many were denied this privilege too and it was nothing short of a castaway.  

The question i asked myself- Do i need these many clothes? Why shouldn’t i wear makeup if i like to, after all it makes me happy. Sports shoes and slippers are the most comfortable footwear. Active wear keeps one active and springy day long without the sweat to plan particularly for a workout anywhere and anytime. Fitness is important for brats who have household helps, gyms are not the same as mowing, mopping and sweeping…haha! When we cook for ourselves it’s usually a good and healthy choice. There’s a lot of hidden creativity in most of us but untapped or lack of time. We can work from home and make money without crowding extra work places, electricity, space, buildings, furniture, rents and the list is endless whereas we all either own a house or pay rent for it but hardly use it except for night caps.  In a crux i felt exactly like an animal trapped in a zoo while the human visit for entertainment, p.s. never liked zoos…knowledge gained by capturing free souls. 

Well to sum it up we’re blessed to have one life this life and to spend it in his service is the biggest investment we make towards our brothers and sisters. My humble request is this Ramadan2021, when we say Ramadan Kareem we pledge not anyone goes without food during iftar. Not a morsel of food id wasted. Cook for people, keep your arms and doors open in this holy month of Ramadan. May the crescent moon shine upon us all as we celebrate in gratitude and humble salutation. If he has given us the tools of virtue and benevolence then spread your hands in his service. Buy, gift, distribute, make gestures, donate, help, love, embrace and you shall receive abundance. 

Have a safe ramadan. May lives be sweetened by the dates of wisdom and energy. United we care!

Shal K

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